WOODY: Well Howdy there! I just heard from Buzz about all the trouble my absence caused. That guy...he missed my note entirely. Which might be my fault since I think I might've shaken Etch when I was in a hurry out last night, plus it was dark. Ah, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. It was my mistake really. Regardless, we've got you to thank now for returning the dorm to peace and order!

Where was I though? Wouldn't be fair of me if I didn't say, and don't close that lid yet because I'm gonna tell you. That chef told me its your birthday and we decided to put together something for you. I had to supervise, off at this mysterious place called the 'YG Studio' and I'm not sure what that means or how it's pronounced (Yig? Yeeeeg? Yeeegah? Yeejah?). It's good to be back at home now, and as for what you need left, well, you'll find the information where I keep all my important information. Right on my (left!) boot.

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