( Just what we like to see! Upon returning to his own bedroom, Jinhwan will find a Buzz Lightyear toy all neat and pristine in its box attached somehow (who knows how he gets these things into he right positions, really) to two of the legs of the telescope tripod from Christmastime. Buzz, of course, is grinning in his box, so proud of the one and only Space Ranger Kim Jinhwan (that's you!). A sheet of paper is taped to the other tripod leg. What's really a wonder...is how did all of this get here now when Buzz definitely wasn't here when Jin woke up? (How mysterious). )

BUZZ: Well done, Space Ranger. I think there's a promotion in store for you in my training academy. Or maybe we need someone with your detection skills on the police force, I'll have to talk to Woody about that. As it turns out, our Sheriff friend was on a secret mission of his own. He should really consult with me on these things before causing such a ruckus. But you saved the day in the end. I owe you one, Space Ranger Jinhwan. I'll put in a good word for you with Woody in the Toybox headquarters, but it might not be a bad idea for you to stop by there yourself. He'll want to thank you personally.