( How...how did a whole prison fit into this cabinet?! Okay, it isn't as sophisticated looking as what's photographed above but finding an equivalent picture wasn't possible to bear with me here in imagining what Jinhwan sees. Which is, to be exact, a few skinny rectangles of plywood almost like a section of decorative wood fence blocking reachability (that's a word) into the cabinet, and who should sit just beyond reach but Jesse of course! All Jinhwan has to do is slide the bars apart and she's saved! What luck, that he's stronger than the toys! With Jesse is a sheet of printed paper again, her relief almost leaping off the page )

JESSE: Oh my! Oh! It's you, you're the one Buzz was talkin' 'bout to me the other day! You've saved me... this whole misunderstanding, I don't know what happened. I was helping Woody handle some things and then he went off to do what he was workin' on and next thing I know I've been knocked one right over the head! And there are soldiers everywhere shoutin'! I don't reckon I deserved any of this treatment, but at least it can be put to rest now. Have you seen Buzz? Have you heard from him? We need to let him know everything is okay, that Woody's okay too. They were all shoutin' and screamin' like he'd be gone for good. The toys really need to trust him more, he's just tryin' to....well...he's just tryin' to make nice things happen. Woody's a great sheriff. Let's go find Buzz and let him know things are safe? Woody might even be back by now, it shouldn't have taken too terribly long, if what I know about what he was doing was anything right. Buzz'll be at his 'Space Command Center' more than likely. Been ravin' and rantin' about the brand new Hubble and how they've upgraded and are turnin' the place around. New recruits like you and all...guess it's workin'. Anyhow, let's get a move on!