( Jinhwan will find quite the display at the kitchen table, the whole dorm alive with the smell of freshly prepared goodies. There's a tray neatly set for the eldest's meal. To drink there's hot chocolate prepared in a clear glass topped with substantial whipped cream - almost as if it had only been finished up moments before, though there's no trace of anyone else in the dorm? To eat, it's a collection of favorites - croissants and waffles. The crisp, sweet croissants are fluffy but heavy with layers, and the waffles too are simpler but sweet and topped with some raspberries. Off to the side are a tiny bowl of powdered sugar and a tiny bottle of rich chocolate syrup. )

( Granted, the meal itself isn't the only thing on the table. Flanking one side of the tray is Bo Peep and her trio of sheep, while on the other is Slinky the Dog. Their official boxes are set behind them so they can be carefully returned to their spots should Jin decide to. On either side of the tray is also a sheet of paper - one, a handwritten note and the other, something...typed? )

BO PEEP: Did you hear from Buzz, Slink? It's been a few hours without Woody, I'm starting to get worried? He's never gone this long unless something bad is happening.

SLINKY THE DOG: Now, Miss Peep. I'm sure he just went for a stroll...at night...and is coming right back...

BO: That really doesn't sound convincing. Besides, I saw him go. Oh, I wish I'd have stopped him.

SLINKY: He'll be back! He always comes back!

BO: That's sheep who always come back...or wander off... My mind's so mixed up with worry I just don't know. Usually he announces when he's got something else to attend to! You heard the other toys getting restless, Slink.

SLINKY: I did, but I trust Woody! Always have, always will. Besides, there's other weird things happening.

BO: Other? What do you mean?


SLINKY: Huh? Hm..something about a new recruit to the space program? Scientific research - he's decided to reach out to the humans!

BO: The humans?! All seven of them?

SLINKY: No no, just the one with the telescope. I heard him talking to himself about it, planning on subtly training him for space survival.

BO: That won't work, will it?

SLINKY: Buzz has had worse ideas... better than believing he can do it himself, right?

BO: That's true. I'm just so worried about Woody, I can't handle this many things at once. Let's trust in Buzz for now, I guess. If anyone can track down Woody, I'm sure he'll have some kind of plan.

SLINKY: Yes Ma'am, let's just hope none of this lasts too long. Rumors get out of control too fast these days, especially if the guys in the Livingroom get wind of it. And you know how the soldiers have been looking for a reason to start a war.


BO: I do... It wouldn't come from this though?

SLINKY: Can't say for sure...

Good morning! It's your birthday!! Now, I really wanted to be there to greet you this morning so read now, I owe you a hug. But someone called me down to the studio really early so I'll have to catch you in a bit on that. Don't try to call me~ My...well...my phone is a little occupied right now. It's a long story. Eat up though!! And I tried to keep the animals off the table but I have a feeling it didn't work. If only someone could herd them away...